Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any content. Is that a problem?

No, that's not a problem. We can help by giving you advice on content. Also, as we provide monthly updates to your site, we would recommend that you don't need to worry too much about content before going live. You can slowly build up the content in the first few months after going live so you don't have to rush putting what is a very important part of your site together.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. For a standard site the costs that you see here are what you will pay. If you wanted anything more complicated then there might be a charge for additional applications that you require.

I have a domain name, can I use this?

Yes you certainly can. We can help you configure the domain to work with our service and if you want we can transfer the domain over to our control and manage it for you. If we manage the domain it's renewal costs are included in our package fee.

Do I own the website?

You will own the website content and domain if it was not originally registered by us. We own the design and the code that runs the website.

What's the ongoing fee for?

The ongoing fee covers hosting for the site and the maintenance time that we allocate for the site.

How do I Cancel?

You can let us know at any time that you no longer want your website and we will close it down for you. There are no cancellation charges.

What if I need more than an hour a month for website updates?

We will be happy to work out a solution that you are happy with. The options available include increasing your annual payment to cover more update time. Or you can simply pay us an hourly rate for any time over your monthly allowance (our hourly rate is £30) or we can set you up with access to the editor we use to do site updates. You can then do some of the easier updates yourself whilst letting us manage the more complex ones.